How Our Venue Has Changed Hygiene Policies Since COVID-19

Toulouse Gourmet catering is still open through the pandemic. Since the pandemic has begun, we have updated our hygiene policies to ensure the safety of our guests. We want to ensure you that we are taking all of the cleaning and necessary safety precautions in order for you to feel comfortable ordering and eating food from us.
In preparing and serving food, we must first abide by rules regarding COVID-19 set by the local government and the CDC. From there, we will establish any further precautions we will set within our kitchen to protect the health of our guests.

What are we doing to keep our customers safe? Let us proudly tell you! With our catering, Toulouse Gourmet, has always prepared dishes in a thoroughly clean kitchen. Our previous health inspections have passed as exceptionally clean. As of now, we are following every extra safety precaution to protect our guests from COVID-19. Before entering our kitchen, we take our kitchen staff’s temperatures and make sure they have zero symptoms before working, especially before serving food at an event. Our kitchen staff has been trained in preparing food safely. Our janitorial staff is cleaning and disinfecting our entire kitchen around the clock to ensure the safety of our workers and guests.

If Toulouse Gourmet employees are to be serving our catering to guests at an event, we especially make sure that our employees are cleaning their hands thoroughly, are wearing gloves and masks, and are constantly re-sanitizing common areas where food is being served.

We want you to enjoy great food and trust that we are keeping your and your guests safe. You will not notice a difference in the quality of our food. Your favorite dishes from us will taste just as delicious as before with the added comfort knowing that we prepared the food with every safety precaution.

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Return of the Dinner Party!

Dinner parties are a great way to bring loved ones and friends together. Planning and hosting a dinner party can quickly become stressful, especially cooking. Planning dishes and preparing them is where hosting a dinner party may become overwhelming. The host must prepare enough food for the amount of guests while trying to please everyones tastes and preferences. An easy way to host a stress free dinner party where you can just show up, eat, and enjoy the company of your guests is by ordering catering from Toulouse Gourmet. Toulouse Gourmet Catering will deliver the food right to you!

Let us be your gourmet caterer! Let us cook and serve gourmet food that you and your guests love. We serve the freshest ingredients and will customize a menu for your dinner party! We offer appetizers, entrees, desserts, sides, salads, and so much more! Our catering will also be your mixologist and create delicious, beautiful drinks. We can definitely do that too! Not only is planning your dinner party and catering with us easy, but it is fun! We have so many great food options to make your dinner party exactly how you want!

Everyone will have a great time and will LOVE the food. Take all the complements for hosting the most Pinterest-worthy dinner party of all time. You can thank us later. Are you considering a dinner party? Contact us today for more details.